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We are one big family of wine enthusiasts working on the VAZIS XIDI winery project since 2016. Many generations before us have been producing wine, using the 8000-year old knowledge of Georgian wine-growing and making. It is our mission to resurrect this tradition and to introduce our special product to wine connoisseurs around the world.

Our Team

Gocha Chikhladze




For inquiries from Georgia:

Phone: +995 595 078871+995 595 078871
E-Mail: info@vazisxidi.com

Avtandil Gabunia




For inquiries from Georgia:


Phone: +995 577 272522  
E-Mail: info@vazisxidi.com  

Rahel Zöbeli

Sales and Marketing Manager



For international inquiries:


Phone:  +49 176 4351 2410
E-Mail: vazisxidi@gmail.com

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