Our Oldest Wine Master

When we were children we never understood the elaborate and complicated methods our grandfather used in the wine-making process. All we knew was that everything related to the wine and the Marani followed very strict rules: Before we could enter the Marani we always had to wash our feet. Then we had to form a line and go inside one after the other and leave the Marani in the same order again. Our grandfather would stay inside in order to thoroughly clean the place in which we had stood. This is just one example of many formative experiences we shared while growing up and which turned into valuable rituals, of which we still make use of today. In addition to the prescribed behavior in and around the Marani we are also applying our grandfather’s strict rules describing the choice of exact date and time during which the grapes may be harvested, processed and filled in the qvevris. It is also strictly regulated, when to decant the fermenting wine from one qvevri to another and to only use a clay carafe, containing no more than 2 litres of wine at once for that purpose. This set of rules, all carried out 100% in manually, makes the secret recipe of our Marani VAZIS XIDI wines. Our oldest wine-master, 91-year old Shota Kavrishvili is the keeper and conveyer of our Marani VAZIS XIDI’s secrets. Not only does he have more than 70 years of experience in wine-making, he is also almost daily exchanging knowledge and ideas with other wine experts in the region and bringing this wisdom into harmony with our old family rules and practices.


Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy is the tireless search for the origin of wine production in the birth place of wine, Georgia, We know that there are, and have always been, regional differences in terms of viticulture, harvest, processing, storage, production of barrels and use of work utensils. We aim to resurrect the old knowledge, remaining in all parts of the country and to consider these regional differences in our own wine-making process. One of our core values is therefore respecting a set of strict rules affecting all steps in the production process from working with the terroir, over treating and harvesting the grapes, to decanting and storing our final product. All these rules aim to get a high quality natural Georgian wine. They require clear and harmonious communication with those involved in the different steps of our production process and a determination of becoming better every day. Another, just as important component of our philosophy is the intensive involvement of all players who are in some way involved in our daily activities. At the end of the day, the wine we are presenting in international competitions, is the product of many individuals back in Georgia, passionately working every day and being fully committed to our VAZIS XDIDI wine. In this sense we see our Marani not only as a platform for our contributors to participate in this project but an opportunity for each of them to grow personally.

Our Georgian Marani

Over the centuries, Georgians winemakers have found different ways to store their wine. The place of storage, the wine cellar, is called «Marani». In Eastern Georgia, the Maranis most commonly are underground systems with qvevris burried deep in the ground in order to protect the wine from the heat. In Western Georgia, a Marani may also just refer to a protective roofing built above qvevri vessels, burried at ground level. The reason for this method might be the fear of unpredictable groundwater level increases. We assume that, despite this uncertainty, actual wine cellars might have existed in Western Georgia as well. But the knowledge about this and the specific geological conditions have gone lost over the years. As we are aiming to include and harmonize best practices from all regions in Georgia, we decided to create a Marani with both aspects. Our Marani now consists of a 200sqm space with burried qvevris on ground level under one big roof, with an integrated cellar in the center. The construction is built from used bricks, originating from a church which had been renovated in the 17th century. Six metres below the ground, the Marani includes a 30 metres long cellar system. This gives us more flexibility to adapt to changing climate changes, keeping our wine at the right temperature during each phase of the fermentation process. In the beginning, the wine is kept in the qvevris at ground level, where the temperatures are higher. Later on, the wine needs to be decanted multiple times and in an environment with lower temperatures, this is when the qvevris in the cellar are used. Shelves in all parts and levels of our Marani give space for our bottled red and white wines to be stored at the correct temperature. With its considerable size, the VAZIS XIDI Marani is not only a place for 40 000 litres of wine storage but also for tours for sommeliers, oenologists and other interested visitors.


Our Continuous Learning

At Marani Vazis Xidi Winery we belive in the exceptional quality of the traditional Georgian wine-making method, which has proven its worth over the past centuries and even millenia. But we also recognize that the rules and techniques known today did not exist from day one but rather developed over the years, taking into account new findings and influences from outside. Vazis Xidi therefore not only stands for wine produced respecting traditional methods and rules. We are also looking to bridge the gap between the ancient pre-soviet-era manufacturing and present-day Georgia. This means learning from other active winemakers in the area, taking inspiration from European wine experts and making use of scientific insights and the benefits of a connected world all while staying true to our core beliefs and values, with the sole goal to produce authentic, natural Georgian wine for the world. We take the opportunity to participate in internationally renowned competitions such as Berlin Wine Trophy and Mundus Vini in order to have our wines judged by experienced sommeliers and wine connoisseurs. Already winning multiple gold and silver medals in our first two years confirmed our belief to have a product with high potential and motivates us to further develop and perfect our wines in the coming years.

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